Connecting Fishers to Customers

Abavubi Fisher will help to bridge Fish Auctioning process with a digital solution

The Market Place

The digital auction platform to display your fish to a wider market.

Safety on the lake

Personal Accounting

With your accounts in your hand, you easily present your supply records to apply for loans & boost your welfare

Safety on the lake
Personal Accounting

Safety on the lake

How you navigate on marine is key to delivering a product. We locate you when logged in while on marines.

Personal Accounting

Locate a breeding site

Just to the point – This feature locates where the real fish is to help fisher to stay informed about Catches and Markets

About Abavubi Fisher

Why Abavubi Fisher

Abavubi is a luganda word to mean Fisher. Originally considered as small scale business people. The Abavubi Fisher App is a digital solution that helps these fisher folk to record, use, and retrieve their own financial records at convenience whether on the lake while fishing or as they harvest the product.

How we the App works

We begin by building a supply history of fish products by a single fisher or an association. This supply history retrieved on the app becomes a basis for all our members to present financial statements to access subsidized fish gears, soft loans from our federation and other credit facilities to enable them improve livelihoods.

Who we are?

The Abavubi App is a business management App Supported by GIZ , Implemented by The Federation of Fisheries organisations Uganda In Partnership with the German Cooperation.




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